Centaur Series


Our Centaur Series is inspired by mythology, featuring abstract pieces that capture the spirit of these legendary creatures.

My consciousness is almost exclusively head consciousness: I ‘am’ my head, but I ‘own’ my body. The body has been reduced to ‘possession’, and is not ‘me’. Thus the body has become an object, a projection, just like the shadow. The body is projected to the other side of the border, as a non-self, as an ‘object out there’. Because the body is placed on the other side of the self/non-self boundary, it is no longer an ally, we are not friends with it, it naturally becomes an enemy. The centaur (horse man) is torn in half. Thus there is a rupture in the unity of the personality, soma and psyche are separated. It detaches surface phenomena (symptoms) from their roots in the depths of the organism.


Our body is, in fact, a perfectly tuned biomachine. It knows exactly what is needed to function properly. Every organ, every fiber, yes, every cell knows this. We don’t have to do anything about that ourselves. At the cellular level, the cell wall acts as a membrane. The cell membrane acts as a selectively permeable filter that only allows specific substances to pass through. Various transport mechanisms make it possible for a cell to ingest useful substances and excrete waste products.

Hearts in Motion

The ancient people believed that our heart is not just a physical organ that pumps blood, but it has an energetic aspect to it. Recent scientific evidence also supports this belief. Our heart is where creation is possible, and it can help you shape your life. By listening more to the wisdom of your heart, you can discover its intelligence and the infinite possibilities that arise from it. Imagine what happens when two or more hearts start talking.

Trip into the Body

We experience the area of the body as the area of involuntary, spontaneously occurring processes. The ego feels trapped by the body, especially by the body’s receptivity to pain, suffering, sensitivity of living tissue, and naked nerves. The price we pay for this anesthetic is that the body, as a source of pleasure, is also numb. For example, our body can ‘freeze’, you no longer ‘feel’ anything. We can reclaim the body by (re)discovering our total psycho-physical organism; This means the discovery of an authentic, existential self. We need to let go of the tight ego control so that the deepest sensations of the body can reach the surface.




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