Nunc Series


The Nunc Series is about time and beyond time. It explores the mysteries of the universe and our consciousness.

Nunc Stans I

The only thing that exists is the present moment; there is no past or future. Memories of the past are simply present experiences. Therefore, there is no real past, only memories of the past. By recognizing memories as current experiences, the distinction between past and future dissolves. This is known as the eternal now, the limitless moment, the nunc stans. In contrast, the nunc fluens is the limited and transient present. Living in unity consciousness means living in the timeless moment, without the limitations of past or future. Eternity concerns a consciousness without time, not everlasting time. The present moment is ongoing and continuous, and recognizing this means recognizing the illusion of time. Living in the past or future is a life of misery, as all our problems are related to time.

Golden Portal

All guilt is being lost in the past, and all fear is lost in the future. The entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven is only found in the present moment, which is the manifestation of the Name of God. In your immediate consciousness, there is only an endlessly changing present. Memories and expectations occur in the present. The insight into the timeless present dissolves the boundary between past and future. The eternal present encompasses all time and space in the world.



If a line represents the flux of a point, can oneness represent the flux of duality? 

This poses an intriguing question about the relationship between flux, oneness, and duality. It invites us to consider whether the unifying concept of oneness could be seen as the flux of duality, just as a line represents the flux of a point. This idea encourages us to explore further the connections between seemingly opposing forces and how they might be reconciled through a unifying principle. By examining such philosophical questions, we can expand our understanding of the world and ourselves, and perhaps gain new insights into the nature of reality.




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