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Dare you?

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Gauzy Gate I is an abstract piece inspired by Alice in Wonderland, What the bleep do we know and the Matrix. It is part of the Wonderland Series. Vibrant and bold, this piece is printed on high-quality Diasec on Dibond. Itcomes with a lifetime guarantee, and free worldwide shipping.



Introducing “Dare You?”, a part of our Wonderland Series, which is a vibrant and energetic piece of art that is sure to add a pop of color and energy to any space. This piece is inspired by some of the most popular works in literature and cinema, including Alice in Wonderland, The Looking Glass, What the Bleep do we Know, and The Matrix.
Alice in Wonderland is a timeless classic that has inspired many literary and cinematic works over the years. It is a story about a young girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself in a strange and magical world. The story is whimsical, imaginative, and full of wonder, making it a popular choice for artists and creators.
The Matrix, on the other hand, is a science fiction film that explores the idea of a simulated reality. In the movie, the protagonist, Neo, discovers that the world he knows is an artificial construct created by sentient machines. The Matrix has become a cultural phenomenon and has inspired many works of art and literature.
“Dare You?” draws inspiration from both Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix, along with other works like The Looking Glass and What the Bleep do we Know. The piece is a beautiful representation of the wonder and excitement of these works, with its bold and vibrant colors and imaginative design.
By incorporating elements from these works, “Dare You?” creates a sense of playfulness and mystery, inviting viewers to step into a world of imagination and creativity. It is a perfect addition to any space for those who appreciate the wonder and beauty of these works.d art to your home or office, “Dare You?” is an excellent choice.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 120 × 3 × 80 cm

Blue, White, Black


120x80cm, 150x100cm, 180x120cm




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