Wonderland Series


Our Wonderland Series is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, What the bleep do we know, and The Matrix. Beyond the real world we know into something else, featuring abstract pieces that explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

Gauzy Gate

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the story’s tension arises from Alice’s fixed perspective of the world colliding with the mad, illogical world of Wonderland. Alice’s sense of order clashes with the chaotic nature of Wonderland. Throughout the story, various characters challenge Alice’s perceptions of class, intelligence, and good manners. For instance, the White Rabbit mistakes her for a servant, while the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Pigeon use logic that only applies within the context of Wonderland. Alice is frequently subjected to dismissive rudeness, which challenges her notions of good manners. As a result of these experiences, Alice suffers an identity crisis and must choose between retaining her sense of order or assimilating into Wonderland’s nonsensical rules.

Red Pill

The red pill and blue pill are symbols that originated from the science fiction movie, The Matrix. These pills represent a choice between staying in a state of ignorance (blue) or accepting a harsh reality (red). The concept of the red pill and blue pill is based on the themes of illusion versus reality and fate versus free will. Over time, the concept of the red pill has taken on different philosophical and social meanings, particularly in alt-right circles and anti-feminist online communities. However, the idea of the red pill is not new and has been explored by various philosophers throughout history (Plato’s allegory of the cave). The movie The Matrix is also based on ideas from Gnosticism and Buddhism which explore the notions of ignorance and enlightenment.


Gem Jam

Again and again

Til little ego’s death

A newborn gem, let’s jam!





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